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Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs is the premier HVAC solutions company serving Los Angeles. We have provided high quality and well trained air conditioner technicians with years of experience serving commercial and residential customers. Are you moving to a house without an AC and you need it installed? Probably your old AC is no longer providing optimal performance and you want to have it replaced. At Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs, we are the premier AC experts in Los Angeles. We guarantee you high quality workmanship when it comes to AC installation and repair solutions. Immediately when you call us, we will send highly trained personnel. We are available round the clock, and we respond to emergencies. Here are some of the services relating to the AC that we provide.

Air conditioner Installation in Los Angeles

If your AC has just been delivered and you are looking for an installer, Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs id the ultimate choice. We provide experienced staff to help in installing different AC types. We guarantee you same day AC installation. We have an adequate number of staff available to serve you from your home or residence.


AC maintenance, servicing and repair

The AC requires proper maintenance.  During the maintenance routine, our Experts inspect the AC checking for various defects that could lead to malfunctioned system. Once identified, the experienced personnel will provide professional AC repair services. At Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs, we have advanced AC servicing skills letting us ensure an optimal AC performance.

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Air Ducts and Vent cleaning

The air ducts of your AC require professional cleaning to remove the debris that infects indoor air. Therefore, for that fresh and clean indoor air, let Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs provide AC air ducts and vent cleaning. We provide experienced personnel who use advanced technologies for AC cleaning.


At Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs, we are readily available 24 hour and we guarantee our customers the best services. Always ready to serve you. To schedule a service, contact us right away. The telephone number is (805)668-3748.