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Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs is an established business specializing in the provision of bespoke HVAC installation and servicing.  Serving Los Angeles and its environs, we provide our customers with a great service ensuring they remain comfortable all year round. At Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs, we have experienced heating and cooling equipment repair personnel. We have always ensured that we hire the best professionals available in the market. For the years that we have been in service, we have continued to ensure that we deliver 100% satisfaction. Therefore, our customers can always count on us when it comes to installation, replacement or even repair of an existing air conditioner, furnace or other heating equipment.

At Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs, we are well exposed to different brands and models of HVAC equipment. Therefore, when it comes to ensuring full functionality, we are a force to reckon with.  No matter the brand or make of the HVAC equipment you are using, we guarantee you the best services. We have genuine spare parts for use on different HVAC equipment. Our technical personnel understand what is required for the installation and we use the modern installation techniques.

Consult Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs for one-stop HVAC repair and servicing. To schedule a service, call us on (805) are some of the services offered.


Services We Offer

Thermostat Installation and Repair

The Heating and cooling equipment come with a thermostat, which ensures the equipment works automatically. For the thermostat to function well, you have to ensure that it is a genuine type and it is well installed. Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs provides you the installation of genuine thermostats.

Call Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs today for the installation and repair of heating equipment, thermostat, Air Conditioners as well as replacement of thermostat in different heating and cooling equipment. We provide our customers with the best services ensuring their comfort and that the different heating and cooling equipment serve you for a long time. Call us today for professional services.


Air Conditioning

For professional air conditioning services, talk to Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs. We have experienced personnel working round the clock to ensure that your air conditioner is fully in service. Therefore, whether your AC does not turn on or off automatically or makes a strange noise when switched off, consult Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs for proper diagnostics. The air conditioning experts available at Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs will ensure that your AC is in good working condition. We work round the clock to make sure that our customers remain comfortable. In order to achieve this, we have genuine AC repair parts and we use the recommended AC servicing tools. Whenever you contact us, we shall ensure a speedy response. We also provide AC duct replacement and cleaning services guaranteeing your health and that of your family. Read more about our AC services.

Heater Repair and Installation Services

The heater is also important when it comes to heating your rooms, especially in winter. You want to make sure that the room heater remains fully functional, especially when the cold season is just around the corner. Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs provides you guarantee that your heater will be usable even in winter. We ensure the proper installation of heating equipment providing our customers with the best services. Therefore, the next time when you are looking for the heater repair technician in Los Angeles, Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs is the most dependable HVAC contractor in Los Angeles.


Repair and Installation of different HVAC equipment

Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs provides repair and installation of different HVAC equipment. We come with years of experience providing an advanced level of services when it comes to the installation and repair of HVAC equipment. Therefore, when you hire us, you are assured that you are working with experienced professionals. We shall advise on the choice of the best heating and cooling equipment as well as ensure that you understand what is required to make sure the HVAC equipment is in good working condition.

Furnace Installation and Repair in Los Angeles

Discovery Air Conditioning Repairs provides professionals furnace repair and installation services in Los Angeles. Our furnace installation and repair technicians provide the best services at a reasonable fee. We have the most experienced personnel and we will make sure that the furnace is installed correctly and remains functional throughout the year. Read more about our furnace services.


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